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Terms and Conditions

1. We require a 25% deposit to hold the date of your wedding, this is non refundable, but will go towards your final bill. In the event of cancellation the booking fee cannot be used towards goods or in part payment of goods. The booking fee secures your date and in the event of a cancellation is used to cover time spent on the consultation, costing, sourcing and preparing your quote. We can sometimes move dates but this is at our sole discretion and not guaranteed.


2. The final invoice must be agreed and paid for no later than 2 months before the date of your wedding. Invoice changes are accepted up until this time, however the original invoice cannot be reduced by more than 10%. Once the final amount has been paid, no refunds can be issued. 

3. All quotes are valid for 3 months. After this, although prices are unlikely to rise dramatically, a follow up appointment no later than 2 months before your wedding date is required to confirm final pricing. 

If circumstances beyond our control do result in an increase of pricing, we will do our best to work as closely to your original quote as possible, however this is at our sole discretion and cannot be guaranteed.

4. All flowers will be delivered to you in prime condition in suitable packaging, in water and will have been photographed before delivery. It is the responsibility of the receiver to make sure the flowers are kept in optimum conditions out of the way of pets and children and not excessively handled before the time of the actual wedding. We strongly advise giving young Bridesmaids/Page boys their flowers at the very last minute. 

5. Pinning of buttonholes/corsages on clothing or accessories is done at the wearer's own risk Amore Fiore cannot be responsible for any snagging, staining or tearing to delicate materials by any flowers, foliage, pins, or fastenings we supply. 

6. Plant material can be harmful if consumed. For young bridesmaids and page boys please make them aware of the dangers of eating any of the elements in their flowers or buttonholes. Any allergies to certain flowers or foliages the client must make Amore Fiore aware of this at the ordering stage. We will not be responsible for any allergic reactions to any flowers or foliages or accessories supplied by Amore Fiore.

7. Amore Fiore cannot be held responsible for the very unlikely failure of delivery of special orders by the wholesaler. In the rare case of delivery failure we will do all we can to substitute the ordered flowers with the nearest varieties to the original order. Small variations in colour and size may occur but the overall appearance will be adhered to should this ever happen.

8. If any elements are being transported from one venue to another by anybody other than Amore Fiore staff or associates, the client does so at their own risk. Any flowers collected from the studio are also at your own risk. 

9. It is the Client's responsibility to inform their caterer/venue coordinator of the number of floral decorations you have purchased and where they should be placed. Amore Fiore may leave flowers in a designated area (as directed by the venue) and will leave a delivery note for the caterer/venue coordinator if your reception room is not set out at time of delivery. It is not the responsibility of Amore Fiore if caterers /venue coordinators do not place your floral decorations into the correct places.

10. Amore Fiore reserve the right to use your event and images for publicity and marketing purposes on our website, social media and printed advertisements after your wedding day has taken place. This includes photos we have taken or any found taken by individuals or professionals that are on social media and in the public domain.

11. If choosing the hire option for glassware or any other sundries, all items must be returned within 7 days (unless another date has been confirmed between the client and Amore Fiore), in their original packaging and in the condition in which they were received. It is the responsibility of the client if items are lost, broken or not returned the retail charge will be taken from the hire deposit held at the shop. We can collect hire items for a small fee. If we do collect from venues, any breakages or missing items will also be charged at retail price.

12.. We do not take any responsibility for adding flowers to the wedding cake., however, we are happy to provide loose stems for your baker to attach.

13. If any pictures are shared to us by the photographer or Bride and Groom, this is taken as permission to share on our social media and website unless stated otherwise.

14. Due to high demand we now have a minimum spend of £1000 per wedding.

15. If for any unforeseen circumstance should arise, (although this is very unlikely) and for whatever reason we cannot fulfil your order, you will receive a full refund and we will give you the details of one of our recommended florists.

By receiving your booking fee, this will serve as your agreement to the above terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing Amore Fiore. 

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