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Real - life wedding ~ Ben & Tracy

Let's dive in to see how Ben and Tracy achieved their whimsical wedding of dreams.

The Bouquets

During our initial consultation, Tracy asked for a textured mix of foliage, amongst blush flowers, and most importantly - Proteas. As you can see, her Bridesmaids went for a mixed selection of dresses in different colours and patterns, so we felt that sticking to the more subtle colours would go with every dress.

She was not a fan of traditional Roses, so we replaced these with the beautiful O'hara Roses. White with a blush centre, they have a large head and beautiful swirl - more like a peony than a tight, perfect Rose, and they smell divine too!

Now onto the King Proteas. We did caution Tracy that these might not be available. They can be very expensive, and cannot be sourced locally! However, as they are the national flower of her home country, we said we would try our best.

On this occasion, we were able to secure them, and we were over the moon to be able to surprise Tracy with them on her special day!

The Buttonholes

Onto the buttonholes. For our Groom, Ben opted for a Succulent to stand out from his ushers. Even their little 5 month old had a mini succulent to match! Safely secured with a magnet opposed to a pin. For the ladies', we also chose to attach their blush pink buttonhole with a magnet, to avoid any damage to the dresses.

The Tables

Although T & B had asked for blush tones in the bouquets and buttonholes, the tables are where we really got creative. Leaving it to us, (dream Bride!) we added lots of texture and colour to the tables with pops of blue and yellow throughout, amongst the blush and pink tones already being used in the Bridal party's bouquets.

Re - purposing. For the ceremony table, Tracy wanted a container - free, natural arrangement, that could later be moved to their top table.

We split this 1 metre long arrangement into two halves for easy movement later on and created this design using bio - degradable foam, and covered it in moss rather than using a container to keep that natural, whimsical, wild garden vibe.

Guest tables. T & B recycled all of their old bottles to create stunning centrepieces for each table. Some we filled with flowers, others with lights, and one with the table number. This created such a unique and colourful look across the room!

The Garlands

100ft of garlands were created to adorn the dining hall on this beautiful day! Intertwined with fairy lights, these stunning arrangements were wrapped around the wooden beams, creating a warm, garden-like feel throughout the whole evening. Can you spot them in the background of our images?

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