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Our Italian Adventure

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Let's go back to where our floral journey began ~ ITALIA

March 2011.

2011 was the year that included two weeks of work experience as part of a programme with my school. I had decided that I wanted to be a florist, but none of our local florist's wanted to take on a 14 year old - shocking, I know! At the time, my Zia (Aunty) from Italy was visiting, and before I knew it, she had made a call to her local florist and friend, Gerrardo, and my flight was booked!

I turned 15 on the 1st March and jumped on my first ever solo flight one week later.

The next day, Zia dropped me off at the florist. Now, let's keep in mind that my Italian was far from fluent and Duolingo was yet to exist. These were the days of MSN and wifi that was hard to come by. "Ciao!" Zia said, and left me with an all - male team of florists, whom I'd never net. She came back 8 hours later.

I specifically remember one day we had a fish feast. The gents kept me stocked on kinder buenos, and, as it was Easter, Nutella filled chocolate eggs.

I spent each day undoing and remaking the same bouquets, until my spiral was perfect. The tips I learnt in that one week with my broken Italian, have stuck with me until today. In fact, I still use the same techniques!

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