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I'm Francesca


Owner of Amore Fiore. But you can call me Frankie. Your tea drinking , flower loving , travel enthusiast. 

When I'm not in the workshop or designing your gorgeous displays, you'll find me with a cup of tea and my Filofax, planning mine and my husband's next sun - filled getaway. That or sipping a passionfruit martini with some friends.

So how did I become a specialist wedding florist? 

Scroll down to find out!


All About  Us

Simply translated, our name means 'Flower Love' . I first discovered my love of flowers whilst in the small town of San Prisco, Naples, Italy, at Gerrardo's flower shop, back in 2011. This is where I received my initial training, and so it's only fitting that we have an Italian name. 

I then went on to be professionally trained back in the UK, where I received my qualifications, and thus began Amore Fiore, your specialist wedding florist, based in Northamptonshire.

Today, we help brides desiring personalised, memorable experiences for their weddings by infusing the elegance of Italian inspired, bespoke floral artistry into their celebrations, enabling them to create visually stunning and emotionally rich memories that resonate for a lifetime.

What's next?

Our goal is to bring Italy, to you. During our initial consultation we would love to get to know you as a couple and brainstorm ideas for your dream wedding flowers, and how we can bring your vision to life. 

So let's chat. Fill in the enquiry form via the button below, and let us make your dreams - a reality.

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